Line Doucet PhD


Medical Exercise Science-Biomechanics Specialist.

Innovative care for post therapy and overall optimal wellness

You're Never Too Busy To Feel Good

Being pain free and having mobility is underrated and undervalued. And yet, these qualities are the very tenets of Freedom and quality of life which is why you should seek the best quality of care.

In person or virtually, access the professional and personalized guidance that will take your healing and fitness to a new level. Heal, restore and achieve new heights.

Your time is very valuable, so use it wisely and keep fit year around, even when travel is required. You are never too busy to feel good.

Workout Routines

Taking care of your body is important.

Individual Support

More of a friend than a health coach.

First-Hand Advice

Broad experience is always a bonus.

Nutrition Strategies

Healthy diet for body as well as for mind.

Line Doucet PhD

Mission statement:

To improve quality of life and assist everyone in my care with relief from pain, increased mobility, strength, flexibility, confidence and improve fitness performance.

The human body is complex and too often taken for granted as long as all goes well. The work of a skilled biomechanics specialist is what is needed to prevent or correct problems, raise the bar, play a better game of golf or tennis, prep for a surgery or speed up recovery.

I can assist doctors having great end results and create more opening for new patients while I care for the patients with complications or longer recovery. I am a bridge between patient and doctor post-therapy.

Success Stories
Susan -Look at a case of someone who’s life took a turn because of weight loss.

Look at a case of someone who’s life took a turn because of weight loss. Susan was caught in a whirlwind and would not see the light at the end of the tunnel when she approached me and was given another option.

Hillary -Lost 100 Pounds and 8 Sizes

Hillary was known for working from morning to faint, although she never neglected to care of her clients and friends.  Somehow, she forgot the most important person, herself.

Hillary -Lost 100 Pounds and 8 Sizes Hillary -Lost 100 Pounds and 8 Sizes

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