Eat for your goals

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Eat for your goals

Not everyone has the same goal in life. Some would love to lose weight, where others would prefer to gain weight or muscle mass. What are your goals?

Food is essential for survival, but besides that, a lot of people eat as if they were about to go into starvation and therefore overeat. Slow down people, we are not going to run out of food anytime soon. In my many years of fitness experience, what I see often are people who skip meals. By the time you eat, you allow yourself to overeat because you are starving. You must ask yourself a simple question;

Is what you are doing providing you the results you want?

If the answer is no, make a change. If it has not worked so far, it is not likely to work.

Diet is the most wanted category of informational and best selling books yearly, although it is not rocket science. If you are over weight, either you are taking in more calories than you need considering your lifestyle, your metabolism is sluggish, or both.

We must always consider age, activity level, hormone function and desired goal.

Bottom line, everyone can be helped and the right plan will give you results.

Are you ready to get what you need and feel good about it?

In the fitness arena, I have met people of all ages who tried all sorts of nutrition plans based on their needs. Everybody is a little different when it comes to food. We are talking about much more than nutrition; food is also an emotional life jacket.

Food quality and quantity is a choice and you might have to compromise a little by eating less of your favorite foods in order to achieve your weight goal and be healthier.

You should eat the food; the food should not eat you.

Feel good, Look good and above all, be healthy.

For more information, contact Line Doucet, PhD at 561-704-8483.

You are Never Too Busy To Feel Good.

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