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At BeWholeAndFit, we make golfers happy!

We are known for reducing back pain and in many cases completely eliminating it. We have a great reputation among GOLFERS! Our expertise in back care, specific stretches and specialized strength routines has created a proven successful formula to LOWER YOUR HANDICAP.

Golf Tips:

The most important muscle group for golfers

When asked the question “what is the most important muscle group for golfers?”, most people will immediately think back or shoulders – but it is truly glutes. Glutes are the driving force that both stabilize the back in the swing and contribute to the power in the follow through or the back swing.

Here is one of the most neglected facts about fitness: Every body part or joint which faces a great demand has a support system for backup. The muscle groups usually found just above and below the joint are the backup system for strength and safety. In the case of your back, it is your glutes (or gluteus maximus) and erector muscles, just above and below the lower lumbar engaging in the torque as you swing. Having a well developed buttock is instrumental for good posture, lower back safety and especially for playing a sport like golf. If your upper glutes are not stable and strong, how else would your lower back have support for a large swing without causing you pain and damage with repetitive hits?

Most women have better buttock muscles than men as they mature – but ladies, it is not because it protrudes that it has strength and man, you are in deep trouble with a flat butt. So give yourself a golfer glute test:

  • When you stand up from a seated position, do you lean forward and have the reflex to put your hands on your knees?
  • Stand in front of the mirror sideways. Is your buttocks bubble shape or flat?

If you answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, quick make an appointment for my butt and gut workout and learn how to remedy the problem and improve your distance.

Flexibility is essential!

Playing Golf requires swinging in the same direction multiple times while practicing, taking a lesson from a pro or playing a game with friends. A retired active golfer playing golf 4 to 6 times per week will swing about 500 times per week. It’s normal that you are stronger and are capable of rotating farther in one direction.

  1. Stand up with your back to a wall, approximately one feet away from the wall.
  2. Raise both hands in front of you with bent elbows. Without moving your feet, rotate right and try to place both hands flat on the wall behind you.
  3. Then return to starting position to turn left and again place both hands against the wall.
  • Is it hard for you to rotate in both directions?
  • Do you feel pressure in your knees when you twist? (not a good sign!)
  • Are you moving your feet when you turn? (Well, you should not)

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you need to begin a stretching program designed especially for golfers. We can custom design a program for your needs to prevent injuries and maximize your game’s potential.

Contact us to reserve your complimentary session. Click here to begin improving your game today!

I started working out with Line in January 2004 as my New Year’s Resolution, and have never stopped. Line is lively, energetic, knowledgeable and loves to mix it up challenging your strength, core and balance.

– Nancy Swaney
Sun Valley Idaho

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