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Virtual Training

Picture this:

At whatever time is most convenient for you – be it when you first roll out of bed, in between meetings, or when you have that seemingly elusive bit of “free time” you wish to make great use of – you put on your comfy clothes, turn on your computer and I will be ready to give you the most effective 30 or 60 minute workout you have ever had.

Your time is so valuable, so use it wisely and keep fit year around, even when travel is required. You are never too busy to feel good.


I Can Follow You

Do you travel frequently or have multiple homes?  No problem-I can train you virtually!


Network Of Experienced Professionals

I am among the best in my field and know the best in many other professional fields, including:

Internal Medicine Doctors
Eye Surgeons
Physical & Massage Therapists

Pre Screenings, Assessment, Diagnoses, Custom Programs & Progress Evaluation

Pre-Screenings, Assessments, Diagnoses, ...

I provide each of my clients with a thorough assessment of:

Range of Motion/Flexibility
Cardiovascular Health

I create a diagnostically based customized program with periodic progress evaluations.


Pain Reduction

Can you relate to back, knee or neck pain? I am known for my effective pain reduction techniques which can in many cases, succeed in eliminating pain altogether. My proven techniques will give you noticeable comfort & improvement.


Nutrition Programs

Learn to eat for your needs! Proper nutrition, which is essential for the body’s growth and repair, is crucial to achieving your desired weight and increasing your energy. It can also improve your skin texture and accelerate your body’s healing abilities. Options include:

Diet plans
Travel food choice guidelines
Holisitic Nutrition Programs


Sport Specific Skills

I have an impressive track record and many testimonials for dramatically improving performance for athletes from amateurs to professionals in:



How To Use The Gym Effectively

Have you joined a gym only to be intimidated by the vast array of machines?  Most people feel that way. Often I see gym members performing exercises incorrectly or repeating the same routine weekly without seeing results. Some members even experience pain and wonder if they are doing more damage than good.  I can train you virtually to demonstrate:

Customizing an exercise routine
Using proper form
Correct use of equipment
Mapping out a custom exercise program for optimal results

My proven techniques will make all the difference in your success.


Individual Routine Program

The best soluton of course is combining diet improvements together with workout plan and regular gym visits. It should take into account your individual particularities.


Personalized Exercise Program

Life is motion and you can feel your every muscle when you are working out. Of course you have to know which exercises are useful for which groups of muscles. And that’s it.


Personalized Nutrition Plan

Sometimes a change in diet habits is sufficient for changing the whole lifestyle. Food for body can heal the whole personality by causing a behavioral change.


Happy, Healthy, Young & Beautiful.

Start working on your body today, and with our individual fitness program, already in 90 days you will see a totally different girl in the mirror!