Breath, the fountain of youth

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Breath, the fountain of youth.

Youth and Fitness happen to be the topic of many conversations as well as debates about the various options for achieving optimum health.  Some of these options can cost in excess of thousands of dollars a year and range from legitimate products and services such as spa treatments and plastic surgery to more questionable methods like: diet pills, growth hormones, injections and more…

None or those will give you permanent benefits of more energy, better sleep quality, freedom of motion and longevity as Fitness will.

It is wise to grasp the big picture, and know that it is never too late to feel good.

We often take for granted that the perfection of our body’s design is such that it heals itself automatically, and not even a thought is needed for the body to renew itself. You might have noticed that the renewal process seems to slow down as we age. There are many reasons for that since the body is so complex, but no matter what problem we have, it is safe to say that breath, more precisely, oxygen plays an instrumental role in:

  • Following any type of surgery, the recommended care is to breathe into a little apparatus in order to measure your lung capacity which encourages deep breath. The deeper you breathe, the more you increase cell renewal, and the faster you heal.
  • Birthing since it is about breath, no breath no life.
  • The Lamaze method is mostly about breath for rhythm, strength, and to prevent panic, or hyper ventilation.
  • The treatment for cancer prevention and post treatment. Cancer cells do not like oxygen.
  • Yoga, re-birthing, meditation, martial art, long distance sport performance and more.

Bottom line; the more fitness activity you perform, the greater your lung capacity, the higher the blood oxygen level. This blood is carried to the entire system and renews the cells with greater fuel which promotes healing, better skin ,youthful color , thicker hair, relaxation, a less constricted  body, better sleep, less snoring(maybe), stronger muscle, better stability, more stamina, slower heart beat and lower blood pressure.

Exercising will also usually help with meeting new friends or work contacts and help you accomplish far more in all areas of life due to more energy.

Fitness will keep you young and filled with vitality, not to mention that it will save you years of pain and money in care to correct the alternative options.

So what are you waiting for? Today is a good day to start. Weather you chose a gym, a yoga studios, Pilates classes, or increase your walking distance, you will reap great rewards. If you are intimidated by gyms or know that the commitment won’t last more than a couple of months, or perhaps you don’t have the time, visit my website at . Get a personalized workout in half the time. At my office or from the comfort of your home virtually. It’s easy and efficient. You need no other reasons. It’s never too late to feel good.

You are never too busy to feel good.

Let’s face facts; fitness and health equal better quality of life and more years to enjoy your freedom.

Line Doucet, PhD, PFT, AFT, MT,

 Bio-mechanics Specialist

Founder and CEO

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