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Oatmeal and eggs count as a complete balanced meal

You can use either old fashioned oat or steel cut oats. Old fashion will cook in 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave oven. Steel cut oatmeal will take about 1/2 hour stove top but tastes better, so cook it the night before. I do not recommend quick oats since they will metabolize too quickly and will trigger hunger instead of satisfaction. No Instant!

Mix 1/2 cup of dry old fashion oats with just enough water to cover the dry oats before you nuke it. Cook for 1 1/2 -2 minutes, depending on oven strength.

After it is cooked, add unsweetened original almond milk to preferred consistency.

Add a pinch of cinnamon and half of a fruit or berries of your choice. Dry cranberries are a great choice and provide the additional benefit of antioxidant properties and sweetness. If you prefer a sweet breakfast, add a little maple syrup (unless you are watching your calories, in which case use one packet of Truvia).

As far as the eggs are concerned, choose organic. I most always recommend that you eat one whole egg and for the other egg or eggs, consume the egg whites only. It is so easy to separate the yolk out of the eggs. Even though rather nutritious, the yolk is also pure cholesterol and since must people already have more cholesterol intake that they need, it is better to save it for cheese and cut the yellow out.

Nutritional Information:
  • Oatmeal with Almond Milk: approx. 200 calories
  • Whole Egg with Yolk: 75 calories
  • Egg White: 15 calories
  • Most Whole Fruit is about: 75 calories
  • Fat Content: The only fat, if you eat it, would come from the egg yolk

This breakfast is not only a heart healthy choice, it will give you lots of energy-so have it daily!

As always, avoid starting your day with fruits or high sugar choices first thing, since it will increase your glycemic index, stimulate your appetite and will only last 1 hour in your stomach. Save your fruit bowl for mid-morning as your second meal. Consuming sugary foods stimulates sugar cravings all day, and if you start your day with it, you crave dessert all day. Stop torturing yourself and eat your food in the right order. Fruits are quickly digested, so have them first rather than last for dessert; otherwise they ferment in your stomach and make you bubble up. A few pieces on top of your oatmeal is fine, though.

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