Practical Fitness Tips

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Practical tips about fitness

The first question I get from new clients is “Where do I begin?” Perhaps you’re experienced at working out or you may be rather new at this task and still don’t know about the basics because no one ever explained the following to you:

  1. When you begin a fitness class or program, make sure that it is not beyond your capability. For instance, if you are as tight as a drum, do not start with heated yoga. Why?  It is generally more advanced, requires low blood pressure and a minimum cardio vascular stamina and will require difficult poses a beginning student cannot perform. So pick your program wisely for your safe
  2. Most trainers are specialists in their approaches and these may or may not be compatible with your goals. If you want to tone, do not hire a weight lifter specializing in body building because his training approach is the opposite to what you want. You want tone but no bulk, so find a body sculpturing trainer, and look for high reps and lower weights
  3. Variety is best and will provide faster results. Doing the same workout weekly will give you results for a while, but shortly after, you will plateau. The more variety you give your workout, the greater progress you will see. What I suggest is to use heavier weight for two weeks with fewer repetitions, then lighter weight for two weeks with higher repetitions, and do two weeks of obstacle course functional training. Challenge your muscles from muscle strengthening to flexibility, to core and agility, and back to heavy weight. Interchange the muscle combination during your workout and so on.
  4. Stabilize your joints and strengthen your core so you can expect your body to perform with certainty and prevent injury.

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