Personalized Nutrition Plan

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After a thorough analysis and research of your health and physical condition and also of your needs, I’ll be able to compose a detailed day-to-day programme of exercises with the number of hours to spend on required body areas. With this plan you’ll be able to do your exercises effectively even without personal trainer’s supervision.

Day 1

Raw Food Diet

Day 2

Dairy Products

Day 3

Steamed Meat

Day 4

Only “Liquid” Day

Types of Exercises

Herbal Teas

Green Coffee

Anti Appetite Substances

Omega 3

Exercise aims

Weight Loss

Body Tonus

Schedule your daily activities

$29.99 PER DAY
  • 2 hours of Dedicated Training Support
  • Diet Recommendations
  • Free Access to the VIP gym/pool
$75.99 12 SESSIONS
  • No Expiry Date for the 12-visit Membership
  • Diet Recommendations and Control
  • Free Access to the VIP gym/pool
$49.99 MONTH
  • 1 Month of Dedicated Trainings
  • 24/7 in Touch on the Phone
  • Free Access to the VIP gym/pool

* Depending on requirements prices may change. For more details call 0782 578 8634 or Send Request

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